How women (finally) took over the charts (together) in 2018

It’s no great creative secret that conflict is an essential ingredient of any good narrative – and it seems that the male-dominated media once got together and decided that in the world of pop music, nothing sells like a catfight. Historically, it sometimes feels hard to find a female star that has avoided being dragged into some kind of ugly, unbecoming feud with a would-be rival. The headlines are often as legendary as they are petty: From the showdowns of Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez to the intergenerational enmity between Madonna and Lady Gaga, right up to the Taylor Swift … Continue reading How women (finally) took over the charts (together) in 2018

13 moments from 2013

A few professional highlights from the past 12 months…. (click the links to read the full stories) 13. David Guetta telling me Justin Bieber has a long way to go 12. Getting back at every UK GCSE English student’s nemesis, Simon Armitage 11. Catching Scary Movie’s Wayans Bros bickering on tape        10. Talking film and DIFF on Dubai One TV 9. Grilling Jeffrey Archer on a disgraced political career 8. Finding Shaun Ryder to be worryingly (but entertainingly) EVEN MORE SHOT than I could imagine 7. Pretending I know basketball with the fourth best NBA player ever, Kobe Bryant 6. … Continue reading 13 moments from 2013

12 highlights from 2012

Some selected professional highs from 2012..   12. Talking girls and football in the pub with Lee Sharpe 11. Naming the Black Eyed Peas’ next album with 10. Cornering Gary Rhodes against his will 9. Jamming with Guns N’ Roses guitarist Bumblefoot 8. Hanging backstage with The Fray, Krafty Kuts, Frankie Knuckles and Mat Kearney (but NOT Dizzee Rascal) at Sandance festival 7. Fatboy Slim opening up about addiction 6. Life of Pi premiering in Dubai (and sitting down with overnight star Suraj Sharma) 5. Jazz legend Stanley Clarke on Miles, Dexter Gordon, Horace Silver, Chick Corea – and … Continue reading 12 highlights from 2012