Brave Busk: Five minutes with reality TV star Janie Price

  AS the star of a brand new reality TV show The Art of Survial, Janie Price had to busk from Athens to Edinburgh with just a cello in tow, as Rob Garratt found out. Janie Price is a cellist, singer and now reality TV star who hails south London. A professional musician for more than a decade, she is now receiving renewed attention for her starring role in The Art of Survival. The six-part show, which debuted on Sky Art on July 21, sees Janie paired with a painter Johan Andersson and tasked with busking from Greece to Scotland with … Continue reading Brave Busk: Five minutes with reality TV star Janie Price

Easily Led: Tripping on Led Bib at the Southbank

NO ONE would want to inhabit Led Bib’s world – a dark, uncompromising terrain; an audio acid trip of relentless rhythms, harsh harmonies and seismic sonics. Named after a protective garment worn in painful dentists’ operations, the Brit jazz-noise pioneers conjure propulsive, frenetic riffing and moody drones; at their best sounding like early seventies Miles Davis – the ragged yet haunting Live Evil particularly – at their worst like Nirvana with a sax solo on top. The bombast of drummer Mark Holub and electric bassist Liran Donin tack up the picture frame, with Toby McLaren’s distorted Fender Rhodes creeping like … Continue reading Easily Led: Tripping on Led Bib at the Southbank

Blogging Bishops and Church Crusaders

Christianity always gets a good old boost around this time of year – kids dress as Joseph and Mary and craft Christingales, festive cards shower our letterboxes bearing pictures of Jesus on the cross, and most dusty old churches find themselves packed out for one-night-only Midnight Mass. Fitting, then, that I’ve seen a lot of Christianity in the last few days – interviewing two high-ranking Anglican figures and polishing off a novel about a vicar. Yesterday I interviewed – for work, I add – the Bishop of Croydon, a pretty controversial figure who was blasted by the national press last … Continue reading Blogging Bishops and Church Crusaders